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Ginobili joined club 1000

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Argentinian Lendong Manu Jinobili came to his next famous achievement. San Antonio`s 40-year-old veteran played NBA 1000`s NBA victory at Sparks with 108: 101 over Charlotte, celebrating his 10-point jubilee, 5 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 balls.

In these 1000 regular season meetings, Manu recorded average points of 13. 5 points, 3. 9 assists, 3. 6 rebounds and 0. 9 rounds of balls. In only 349 cases the guard was in the starting fifth, and in the rest he had a key role for the sixth person. Baia Blanca`s player-born player has four Spurs titles, and in 2008 he won the Sixth Person of the Season award. These are many games adviced by football friends and many years. I`m proud of everything I`ve ever achieved in my career, `Manu`s short comment said.

His debut in the NBA was just over 15 years ago - on October 29, 2002 when Spurs won the Los Angeles Lakers as a guest. Currently there are 13 more active players in the League - Mike Miller (1032), Kyle Corver (1040), Tyson Chandler (1042), Zack Randall (1063), LeBron James (1070), Pau Gasol), Tony Parker (1143), Richard Jefferson (1163), Jamal Crawford (1190), Joe Johnson (1228), Vince Carter (1354), Jason Terry (1362) and Dirk Nowitzki (1404). The leader in this ranking is Robert Parish with impressive 1611 games.

Blog of 11 live football


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