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MVP crowned the year of Altwu, Stanton prevailed in NL

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The big question at the end of the week for awards in MLB received a sound response. Jose Altuve has won the United States League `s Most Powerful Player (MVP) award, with a huge lead over the other major contender for the most valuable individual baseball prize -;Aaron Judge. The difference in voices in favor of Houston Astros second baseball turned out to be inversely proportional to the growth advantage of New York Yankees` outfit. Altoi, who was only 168 cm high, gathered 405 points in the BBWAA poll, and the two-legged Judge was second with 279 points.

The Venezuelan recalled how in 2007 the `astronauts`have driven him out of the first triathlete in his native Maracai with the argument that he is too low. `They told me not to go back, ` Jose said, `but with my father, I decided I had to try again, but there is no rule that you should be 180 centimeters or be very strong to play baseball and get upgood player. `In the year 2017, Altuve achieved the top bout in Major League (346), hit 204 hits with 81 RBIs, including 24 home runs. His MVP Award crowned the most glorious year in Houston`s history, with his help winning his first World Series title. `Honestly, I`m surprised I did not expect to win, ` said the winner, `I am even more determined to develop and help my team in the years to come. `

Unlike the unpopulardifference in AL, the National League vote suggested a rarely intriguing outcome. Like Altuva, for the first time in his career for MVP, Cancarlo Stanton was chosen, but with a slight lead over the 2010 winner of the award, Joey Voto. Miami`s Marlins star finished first with a total of 302 points, and the Cincinnati Reds leader was second with 300 points. Both were listed first in 10 ballots, with Stanton having 10 second places, and Voto-;9. BBWAA voting points are accrued by the 14-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 system to the 10th place. `I`m really grateful for the support, I can not believe I`m so close, just two points . . . It`s actually somehow cool, because with CancarloI think we both had a great season. `Stanley was the first baseball player in Marlins` history with the` Most Valuable Player `award, and Miami`s Third Representative, in total, US professional sport, selected for MVP in one of four Leagues, after Dan Marino with DolIns (NFL, 1984) and LeBron James Heath (NBA, 2012, 2013). `This is definitely a good company, ` said Cancarlo. `I am very grateful, I will enjoy and continue to work to make myself even better. `

Blog of 11 live football


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