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Why should Boss leave Dortmund?

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Peter Boss looks good. At first I thought he was a little boring, but that was probably due to his lack of attempt to speak German in front of a large crowd of journalists amid the show-maker Jurgen Klop and the crazy Professor Thomas Tuhle. The Dutchman, however, gradually gained a place in my heart. He looks like that guy you`d be drinking one or two, though he prefers the wine to beer.
After the end of the successful, but at least as stressful, Tugel of Westfalenstadion, Boss looked like the exact candidate for a substitute. As his predecessor separated, he united. He does not want anything. He did not cry again once Borussia (Dortmund) sold the rising superstar Uthman Dembele to Barcelona and replaced him with Andriy Yarmolenko. It is also obvious that players like to work with this mentor.
The man Peter Bos is not worth being sacked, nor is it bad to happen to him. Dortmund, however, is a football club that pays coach Peter Boss a lot of money to lead a very expensive team. The start of his dream, better than any dream, led him to the brink of complete failure. Therefore, coach Peter Boss has to leave.

Let`s go back to summer. No Boss was Dortmund`s leading candidate and Lucien Favre. The former coach of Hertha (Berlin) and Borussia (Monchengladbach) last season brought Nice to 3rd place in the French League 1. A person with some character crackdowns, who was not very friendly with his employers in the Bundesliga, but still somebodywith a business card.
When Nice blocked the deal, which claimed that Favre was more than excited, and Hoffenheim did not give way to Julian Nagelsman, Dortmund had to settle for Boss.
In his one-seater Ajax season, the 54-year-old came to the Europa League final after an exciting march against Lyon and Schalke 04. He then entered into negotiations with several clubs and later said he would in any case have left Amsterdambecause of the differences with the clubs predicted by online football goals ` coaches who are very busy at the work of their coaches. The fact that Bos, like Favre, was represented by agent Reza Fazelli, with whom he had excellent relations in Dortmund, was probably also an important factor.
However, the move from Favr to Boss was not particularly meaningful if he was looking for a certain type of football by the new black-and-black mentor. Favr, especially in the Bundesliga, relied on low-block defense and not to press the press, and with the ball reluctant to play instead of a wave after a wave of counter-attacks, which led to a high percentage of accurate passes and hit quality. Bos bets gas to the sheet metal. Dortmund, however, had suffered a clean goal, paradoxically less than a figure in the strong start of the season.

The biggest problem with the Boss system (whether 1-4-3-3, 1-4-2-3-1 or 1-3-4-3) is the withdrawal from the importance of the middle line game. Julian Weigel had only 14 passes in the derby with Schalke 04 on Saturday, and only Jarmollenko had fewer. This is not incidental, and it is no coincidence that Weige is the pale shadow of my former self. In the best of his looks the youngster influences on

Blog of 11 live football


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