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Interview with Linecair:My happiness in Barca ended with my move on the wing

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On July 1, 1986, two days after Maradona won the World Cup, Joan Gaspart and Jose Luis Nunes finished the transfer of Gary Lineker for 450 million pesetas. The Englishman had just become the top scorer of the 1986 World Cup with six straight hits, one more than Maradona, Carreca and Buteggenio. In Barcelona, he won a King Cup (1988) and a Cup of Cup Winners (1989) and scored 52 goals in 139 official matches in three seasons (1986-1989) under the direction of Terry Vendables, Luis Aragones and Johanne Kraiff, who pulled him out of the box, Gary did not stand and left. Today he comes to Camp Nou with his sons -;and the four are supporters of Barca, at least twice a year. They will be back on March 14, when Chelsea is in the last round of the Champions League.
`Is it difficult to adapt to Barca? `
- It`s a bit difficult, yes, but I started very well with two goals in the first round against Racing Santander and I had very good teammates like you.
`They remember you not only with your goals, but also with your sympathy and elegance. But Mark Hughes did not adjust. Why?
- He was younger. I came at 25, and Mark -;23. His way of playing -? more physical and violent, made judges play more violations. He was more introverted. I had more experience.
`When did you realize you were the best English footballer? `
`In my first year here. The introduction of a Real Madrid hat-trick into my first Classic was something special and unforgettable. I also scored three goals and Spain in the middle of Bernabeu. But we did not win anything. The King`s Cup at Aragonese is another year.

- Kraiff came in 1988, but he puts a right wing. Was it difficult for a typical nine like you?
`It was a tough time for me. That was not my position:I was a man for the criminal field. At that time only two foreigners were allowed to go, and I think Johan wanted another person to attack. Put me on the wing, not to intimidate me, but to ask myself to leave.
- Well, they invited you to leave Barca
- Exactly. Why else should a football player play on the flank? Yes, I was quick, but I did not have the technique to fund the defenders. It was clear how difficult it was. I did not want to leave Barca, because I was happy in the club from football livescore and in the city life, but these things happen in football:coaches come and make changes.
- He was no longer happy with the game
`I was not, but happiness and peace of mind are very important on the football field. If you do not play your position, it`s difficult.
- There are players who adapt to new roles, but not all
- Yes, these are the good players. I only managed to score goals.
- But this is the hardest thing in football
- Yeah, but when you play on the flank it`s not that easy, even more in a team on the Kraiff wing you play farther away from the door. This was one of the most difficult stages in my career, perhaps the only one. In Leicester, I was an 18-year-old on the wing, but only to gain an initial experience, and never afterwards I was set there until Claire`s arrival. I could not play there, I had no idea how it happened. In my opinion, Kreiff had to put me in the middle and you on the wing. You also had trouble with Kraiff.

- Yes it is
`Although we must remember that he was in

Blog of 11 live football


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