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A late goal rescued Hungary from a home relay

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Hungary finished the 2018 World Cup with a minimum win against the Faroe Islands by 1: 0.In spite of the success, the Maghreb ended 4th in Group B and could not repeat their performance from the previous qualifying round when they won Euro 2016.

The Hungarians failed to defeat the same rival at the start of the group struggle,when they finished 0: 0.The same result by football friends was going on today`s match, but in the 81st minute Daniel Bohde greeted the fans in Budapest.After the ball was lifted in from the left, the visitors` goalie did not stand a chance as he managed to save the ball to a corner.But the ball went back to Bode and it was not a problem for him to realize in the empty door.

The Faroe Islands finished in 4th place in the group with a 9-point dismal asset

World Championships, Zone Europe:


1: 0 D. Bode (81)


Final classification in Group B:

1.Portugal 27 points

2.Switzerland 27 points

3.Hungary 13 points

4.Faeroe Islands 9 pt.

5.Latvia 7 pt.

6.Andorra 4 points.

* Portugal qualifies for World Cup 2018, and Switzerland will play on a barrage.

Blog of 11 live football


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